Trips & Travels

Here is a list of places I have traveled to, either independently or with DIS as indicated.

DIS Trips:

Western Denmark 

Who: DIS travel group of students from various design core course groups

When: February 8th-10th

Why: To see different sites in Western Denmark including the following

  • Trapholt Museum (South Jutland, Denmark)
  • Koldinghus Castle (Koldinghus, Denmark)
  • University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark)
  • Skanderupkike (Skanderborg, Denmark)
  • ARoS Kunstrumesseum (Aahus, Denmark)
  • Aarhus Crematorium Chapel (Aahus, Denmark)
  • Aarus Radhus (Aahus, Denmark)
  • Dokk1 (Aahus, Denmark)

Independent Travels:


Who: My mother & I

When: January 5th-12th

Why: For a fun mother/daughter trip before I go to Denmark

Berlin, Germany

Who: Steffon, Jan, & I

When: February 16th-18th

Why: Meet up with former exchange student and his brother to explore Berlin

Krakow, Poland

Who: DIS Classmate & I

When: March 4th-6th

Why: To visit Auschwitz-Bikenau Memorial & Museum over the first travel week

Älmhult, Sweden

Who: Two DIS students & I

When: March 24th (Day trip)

Why: To visit the Ikea Museum!