New Nordic Design: Why you should take this class

One of my favorite classes this semester is New Nordic Design. Taught by the lovely Birgitte Borup, also known as BB, the class talks about design in Scandinavia. Looking through different lenses you learn about a variety of aspects of design, including architecture, furniture literature film, and food.


This is a great class for anyone wanting to learn about Scandinavia and design in a fun way. No matter your major, you will get something out of this class. But with having a design major, I have found myself referencing things this class in almost all of my other classes. Especially in my studio class I am able to reference the designers I’ve learned about and places I have visited.


As you’ll see in this post I have taken visual notes in this class. This class is less focuses on specific facts, more on overarching concepts and ideas. The class is divided into sections which explore different ideas such as the term ‘New Nordic’, architecture & design identities of the Nordic countries, scale, daylight, and how design can encourage an independent lifestyle in challenging nature.


The class is worth 3 credits. Three assignments make up the majority of your grade. A midterm exam, an paper on Nordic design, and a poster about what you have learned. These assignment are pretty straightforward but it is important to give each the time and attention they need.


BB is a great professor!  BB has a wide background with design work that includes interior design, exhibition design, graphic design, as well as furniture design. She is a fun lady whom I highly encourage you get to know! I look forward to going to her class because her lectures are so interesting.


BB also does a great job of getting us out of the class room on field trips. About 1/3 of the time is spent out of the classroom. Guest speakers also come in to talk about specific topics in detail such as architecture, literature, and film.




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