Journal Entry #4

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything from my sketchbook so here it is!

Visual journal assignment to draw 6 views around a small square in Copenhagen
Experimenting with water colored pencil and capturing light & shadow
My trip to Krakow!

I spent two days in Poland. One day was dedicated to visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau and the other I spent walking around Krakow, Poland. I would highly encourage you visit this place, it is a beautifully preserved city with lots to see. I wish I had more time while I was there. You can read about my trip here and here.

Mike Stern signed it

I went with my host family to a jazz tribute concert to Jimi Hendrix. The American jazz guitarist Mike Stern played.

Travel writing class notes

In my travel writing class we had a guest speaker come in and talk about her experience working in the Canadian arctic. She helps photographers and film makers safely travel and work in the arctic. I really enjoyed having listening to her explain what she does because most of her work is helping create nature documentaries. Her talk was like a behind the scenes on how they are made.

Filled up my first sketchbook and started a new one!
We visited SMK 
Trinitatis Church

For Visual Journal we visited the church that is attached to the Round Tower, Trinitatis Church. We were supposed to capture three details of the church. I chose to draw a window above the rows of pews, a door hinge, and part of a spiral staircase leading to a balcony. I think these are some of my best sketches in the sense that I just drew what I saw. I didn’t erase or over think. I just drew.


Class notes and Ikea trip

10/10 would recommend the Ikea museum in Sweden. It was a great day trip. You can read about my adventure here.

Finally saw the little mermaid

Over the Easter break I stayed in Copenhagen while my host family went to Morocco for a week. I spend a lot of time with my host grandparents over the break. We went to two museums and at dinner together. One of the days the sun came out and it was a beautiful, clear day. I booked to see the famous little mermaid statue. I liked it. Unlike most people, I wasn’t surprised at it’s size. What I was surprised at was all the power plants you could see in the distance. Including the famous one with a ski hill.


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