Typical Day in Class?

Everyone says that studying abroad is different than studying at home. Not only are you in a new country but the classes and professors are different. One question that comes up a lot is what is an average day in class like? An average day in a studio course (at least for  design core courses) can be either of the following three:
1. Field Trip Day: class will go somewhere, most likely a museum. This can also be a site visit to where your project is located. The trips take the entire class and are pretty interesting. Make sure to bring a camera/phone. Transportation is covered by DIS and occasionally you get a free coffee if the class stops at a cafe.
2. Work Day: The entire class stays in studio and works. The professor will check in with you, either individually or in small groups. This is the time to ask questions and explore ideas. To adequately finish a project you will need to work outside of class time as well.
3. Presentation Day: The entire class is spent presenting projects/information. My class would divide up the work for site studies then come together and present. If it is a final presentation for a project it will likely be during Wednesday and take up almost the whole day. Students are given roughly ten minutes to present. Then there is time for questions, followed by critique. Guests are also invited to final presentations and will offer critique.

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