Journal Entry #3

Third installment of a look into my sketchbook.

Took a quick field trip to see Elm’s 2017 collection of furniture
Notes on class discussion in New Nordic Design
IMG_8422 (1)
Bikes I see.

Since Copenhagen is a city know for it’s bikes I have started to record what I see. So far my favorite is cello man. Behind him came a whole group of people carrying instruments but his blue cello case caught my eye from almost a block away.


In Visual Journal we had an assignment to create a perspective drawing based on a simple description. We also had to create and additional drawing of our choice. I drew a plan, which is the faint drawing in the lower right.

Class Field Trip.

IMG_8458 (1).JPG

Its was so cold outside that we couldn’t use our fingers to draw properly. So instead we went inside and drew each other. I chose to focus less on their detail of the people and more on the background while my classmate focuses in on drawing me. I used a red water color pencil to make this.

Travel Writing class notes

In Travel Writing we discussed the role stereotypes have in traveling and story telling. Stereotypes can be a good thing or a bad thing. It all matters in how we use them. A fun part of the class is we took an anonymous quiz to answer questions. You can see the results in the lower left corner.

Working on shading


Continued experimenting with shading, this time with water color

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