Journal Entry #2

Been a busy week. Trying my best to capture it all in my journal.

Visual Journal Day 1
Need to work on perspecive

You may notice a number in the corner of some of my drawings. These are page numbers to help organize my journal. I also sign and date all of my drawings.

Assignment: “Take a Line For a Walk”


Spent the weekend taking my line for a walk, practicing perceptive. Working my way to more complex & creative objects.

Marathon Line

I think I took this line for a marathon rather than a walk. My professor suggested I do another one. He suggested I work on adding more detail in the foreground and push the horizon even further out to make the perspective pop.

IMG_7707 (2)
Interior Architecture Class Notes #1
Interior Architecture Class Notes #2


I like this graphic way of taking notes I am trying. Inspired by a reading about visual notes in my visual journal class, I am trying to be more creative in my note taking in order to help it sink in better. This is one example of how DIS wants our classes to overlap and blend together. I’m curious where this technique will go.


Assignment: Sit in a church and create a perspective drawing. This is roughly an hours worth of work. It took me a long time to start this, I am still getting used to drawing in perspective again. The horizontal lines on the bottom are the wooden pews with candle holders on the ends.

“Its Jacobus not Lacobus”

My visual journal professor is a man of few words. After silently peering over my shoulder for a solid minute his only comment on my sketch before walking away; “Its Jacobus not Lacobus”. I like him. When he lectures he gives good life advice.

Coming soon: A whole journal entry on all of the museums I have seen in the past week or so.

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