Frikadeller: A Traditional Danish Dish

Every Wednesday night my host family’s grandparents, Henning and Merete, come over and cook a traditional Danish dinner. On the menu this week was, according to Merete, one of the most traditional Danish meals; Frikadeller.

Henning Frying theĀ Frikadeller

Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs. This is a traditional dish widely associated with Scandinavia, specifically Denmark. They are delicious!


It was served, as is tradition, with potato and gravy, or brown sauce as it is called here. We also enjoyed a bowl of coleslaw. I have found that Danish food is very similar to food from home, in the Midwest. Meat & potatoes are a staple in nearly every Danish meal, add some cheese & mix it together and now it’s a Midwestern hotdish.


I am looking forward to trying more traditional Danish food and sharing some traditional Midwestern food with them as well. So far I have made tater tot hot dish for my host family. It was well received and I am encouraged to make it again for the grandparents.


If anyone is wondering, the only place in the area to get a can of campbell’s condensed cream of chicken is at the Many at Strandvejen, Hellerup. They have an impressive American section. My host family believes this is due to the USA’s ambassador living in the nearby area.

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