Journal Entry #1

To capture my trip I am keeping a visual journal. My freshman year of college I created a similar journal for my freshman seminar class when I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. I put a lot of time and effort into that journal which is now one of my most prized possessions.

When I was in Istanbul it was my first time ever creating a true visual journal. I also challenged myself to use pen and water colors. I am excited to work on my sketching and see myself grow again as I fill the pages. Below are some of my favorite pages of my Istanbul sketchbook.

Mosque Flooring, Matial Patterns, & A Man Praying
Protest Outside of Russian Embassy & Traditional Lanterns Sold Everywhere
Hagia Sophia with Entry Ticket

Not only will my journal act as a way to capture my trip for myself but it will also be used for my classes. I plan to take notes from lectures and complete assignments from my visual journal class. Since I am using my journal for classes and I will be here for so long I will also be using multiple journals in different sizes. At least once a week I plan to post something from my journal.

Below is my first entry into my journal. I wanted to capture all the things I did while in Iceland with my Mom so I decided to make a map of sorts. The map depicts some of the most memorable sites & experiences I had on the week long trip.

Iceland Experience Map

I am really excited to see where this semester takes me! Everyone says it will fly by. I can testify that it has already. I have been out of the United States for nearly 3 weeks! Time fly’s when you are having fun.


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #1

  1. Hi Emily,

    I see you have been to Hagia Sophia – are you aware that there’s old Viking runes carved there? (Dated 9’th century)
    I wish you a wonderful stay here in Denmark.

    Kind regards,

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