An Over Packer Attempts to Pack

Officially 2 weeks and 1 day until I start my great adventure! I am very excited for my trip, still in a little disbelief I leave so soon yet at the same time take off can’t come soon enough. But first I must pack.

Not only must I pack my bags for my time abroad but I must also pack up my apartment and a bag for Christmas travel. Oof.

I’ve decided to start with bags for when I am abroad. Three bags; a large wheel-y bag to check, a carrying on, and a personal item. As a self admitting over packer, this may be a challenge. I foresee cuts needing to be made.

After 2-ish hours of struggle I have successfully packed my check and carry on bags. My carry on bag is performing double duty; I will be using it for my Christmas travel and for clothes I’ll need in Iceland. My checked bag is about 85% full, just enough room for items I’ll be getting for Christmas. Some rearranging may be needed post-Christmas. Please notice the yarn and Penzy’s 4S spices, can’t go anywhere without either.


But for now I shall stop while I am ahead. Tomorrow I tackle my apartment. Playing a complicated game of Tetris I must fit all my bedroom items into the back of my minivan. Wish me luck!




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